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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Colleen, I am a consultant in Perth and have a new customer recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Do you have recipes or tips on converting to make dishes Diabetes friendly? any advice would be appreciated thanks.
    What recipe books to you find helpful?
    Thanks in advance
    Cathy 🙂

    • Hey Cathy,

      I do a mixture of things. I use those Thermomix Recipes that appear to be low in sugar (Low GI). Where it gives a range of sugar in the recipe (60 to 100g) I always use the minimum and try using alternatives if possible (like maple syrup, agave etc.) Also use recipes that contain fruits etc. in them as they already have a natural sweetness to them. I utilize a lot of the vegetarian or raw recipes and I get Diabetes recipes sent to me via email from different Diabetes organisations or from the Diabetes magazines (you will find links on the blog). Those ones I need to convert of course to Thermomix, but haven’t had any real problems in doing so. I have been wanting to put up more individual recipes that I have converted, but am trying to change my blog at present and so have not wanted to put too much up in case I need to do a re-start.
      Please feel free to contact me by phone Cathy if you need to. I am a member of the Storks.

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