Gee Whiz

Becoming Healthier Every Day !!


I am a 60 year old Mother of two and Grandmother of four beautiful little ones. I have always had a bit of a struggle with my weight, but once I set my mind to losing it, it happened relatively easily..  Then menopause set in !!!  I developed psoriatic arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes and the weight continued to move upwards without a break.  I struggled physically and emotionally and just could not stop the spiral out of control.  I eventually started on medication that stopped the progression of the arthritis, but my joints were still very stiff and movement was difficult.  My diabetes continued to worsen and I was taking two lots of tablets and daily Insulin.

I started looking at a variety of options to help lose the weight without any success, then my daughter and her husband said they were going on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and so I decided I would join them.  It was the best decision I could have made.  I started my exercise program by walking daily, then did a couple of Aqua classes and eventually was able to get to the Gym to do some work on the machines.  It was about that time I turned 60 and we were sitting around the table as a family and I was asked the question of what I wanted for my birthday.  I answered that since I am going to have to start eating more healthy (and I really don’t like cooking), I would need some new toys to encourage me, like a blender, food processor, George Forman Grill etc.  The response was unanimous..  No, you need a Thermomix!!

My daughter in law had just purchased one and my daughter’s sister-in-law (who lives across the road) had one and my Sister had been to a Demo and was planning to get one.  So I got it from all sides.  Then at my Birthday gathering, I was shown a little of what they can do.  My daughter-in-law made the beetroot salad and a sorbet in no time flat.  That was the deciding factor for me and I rang the Consultant and said I wanted one.  Before my machine was even delivered I had decided that they were so good that I wanted to become a Consultant.

My weight loss has continued with the assistance of Michelle Bridges and my Thermomix and I feel so much better, not just physically, but mentally knowing that the food I am now eating isn’t just fresh, nutritious and very tasty, but that it is also free of the additives and preservatives and all those nasty things that can contribute to worsening health.  My juices now have the added fibre and nutrients of the whole fruit, not just the watery part that comes out in a traditional juicer.  I can make my own healthy mince, mill my own wheat, make beautiful freshly baked breads, I convert as many of the 12WBT recipes as possible into a Thermomix process, because the process is so much easier and the cooking time is so much shorter.

I am now off all my Diabetes medication and my mobility and flexibility have improved out of sight.  I have lost a total of 16kg to date and have another 15kg to lose.  I don’t expect it to be a huge struggle, because I now enjoy looking after my health and trying out new recipes and just love my new toy..


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