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Thermomix Extra Incentive

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For the next 6 days, New Thermomix Customers will be eligible for both the March and April Incentives, that is two cookbooks and the Bread Mat. Check out the flyer below.

Thermo Mar Apr Incentive

Also the Existing Owners Incentive that was held in March is continuing into April as well. A second Bowl, Blade and lid when a demo is held in April.

Thermomix Existing Customer Incentive DL AUS March 2013

THAT MEANS, if you purchase a Thermomix between now and the end of March, you will receive The Full Steam Ahead Cookbook, the Seafood Bounty Cookbook and the Bread Mat. Then if you hold a Demo (includes your delivery demo) in April, you are eligible to purchase the second bowl and blade set for half price. If someone purchases a Thermomix at that Demo, then you will receive the second bowl set for $125 only.

Don’t wait!! an offer like this won’t be coming along again soon..
Contact me ASAP to order your Thermomix or book in your Demo.


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