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Thermomix Price

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There is no secret about how much the Thermomix (TM) costs. However, what most people should be looking at is the value for money they get from purchasing a Thermomix.

The TM and its components are made from exceptionally high quality materials. The bowl is made of high grade stainless steel and the blades which don’t need to be re-sharpened and rarely ever need replacing are made from Solingen steel (the same material that aeroplane propellers are made of).

The cost of the machine is far outweighed by the benefits that it offers to owners. The machine is able to replace up to 10 different bench top items that many people have or would purchase for use in the kitchen. An example of these are: Food processor; Mixer; Blender; Grinder of coffee, spices, Parmesan cheese ; Juicer (TM is a much healthier process for juicing); Grater; Rice cooker; Mortar & Pestle; Steamer and Bread Making Machine. So if cash is tight, sell off all those other items on Gum Tree and put it toward the Thermomix.

The TM is very fast (it can chop a salad in about 3-5 seconds; It can cook soup, steamed vegetable, steam chicken and a sauce all at the same time (total cooking time approx 25 mins). This not only saves you in time, but also in electricity because of the reduced preparation time. It can also save you money. One typical example is that you can utilise vegetables that are starting to go soft and are unappealing to cook for a meal, to convert into vegetable stock. It is much healthier than cubes for example, it has no preservatives (except for salt) or additives in it and it can be stored in the freezer and readily available. Compare the cost of purchasing bread from the store each day, to cooking your own. Again, much healthier, you can grind your own flour, there are no preservatives and additives, it is quick and easy to make and is so delicious.

It can be extremely healthy if you want it to be, meaning you have the choice as to how far you want to take it down that road. You can make your own butter and buttermilk, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, dips and sauces as well as the regular meals and deserts you love. You can cook pasta in it, make meringues, muesli and scrambled eggs, ice cream, meat loaf, steam Salmon and so much more.

Customer support is second to none!! Your Consultant is literally at the end of the phone/ email if you need them. There is multiple cook books, online recipe community, cooking blogs and Facebook pages that can all help to keep your meal planning interesting and exciting.

As for the cost it is $1939 for one payment. You can spread it over three months if you prefer. Alternatively you can apply to pay it off. There is an admin fee charged if you do this. The interest over the first 12 months is 11.99% after that it increases to 19.95%. You can pay it off over 4 years in which case the payments work out to around $42 per month, but many will try and pay it off before the interest rate goes up at the end of the first Year. They don’t advertise in advance, but there is also a couple times a year where they will also offer an interest free option, so you could also wait for one of them to come out.

So there you have it.. Obviously I believe it is well worth it..
Happy to answer any questions you might have.


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