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Thermomix – Makes Eating Healthy, Easier

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I’ve always advocated eating foods made with the best of ingredients. Most foods can be healthy, like chocolate cake, mayonnaise, café late, if the ingredients are healthy. Modern day diets are so obsessed with the amount of food you should be eating that they have failed to address the quality of the food. What I mean by this, instead of eating diet foods containing hydrogenated vegetable food, eat foods made with cold pressed oils. Or eating foods made from white sugar or artificial sweeteners eat foods made with rapadura sugar or honey (natural sugars not refined). I harp on and on about this, but it is very important.

If you’re not prepared to make foods from scratch then finding foods made with the best of ingredients is the hardest part. When you finally find a food made with all the healthy ingredients I advocate it can be slightly more expensive than normal or you can’t find it again. Many country markets have these wonderful homemade goodies but you only visit them infrequently. This is a dilemma faced by many healthy seeking food lovers.

Well, I’ve found a solution to this dilemma. In 2006 I had a lady contact me to tell me that she liked my books; Changing Habits Changing Lives and the cook book. She told me she had purchased a cooking machine that made my type of cooking a breeze. She told me the machine did the work of 10 appliances I had in my cupboard and I was adamant I wasn’t buying anymore kitchen appliances. This wonderful lady came to the Sunshine Coast and demonstrated this wonderful machine and after 10 minutes of a 2 hour demonstration I knew it was the solution to making healthy cooking easy.


The machine is called a Thermomix. It cooks, stirs, grinds, grates, kneads, mixes, steams and the list is endless. If I want to make eggs benedicts, it makes the hollandaise sauce in six minutes. All I have to do is add the butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, vinegar and sea salt, press three buttons (timer, heat setting and stir speed) and like magic in 6 minutes I have hollandaise sauce. It makes old fashion custard in 7 minutes and because the temperature is exact and it stirs itself you can walk away and the result is perfect custard. Mashed potatoes have never tasted so good; all you do is add potatoes, butter and milk, press three buttons and 20 minutes later perfect mashed potato. I can knead bread in 3 minutes, make porridge from whole grains in 7 minutes, grind gains, grate 250gms of cheese in 4 seconds, make lasagna in two easy steps, prepare perfect lemon butter in 6 minutes, and create homemade lemonade in minutes.

One night my husband and I wanted to go out and the children wanted pasta. I made up the sauce in the Thermomix, added the fettuccini to the machine, it cooked in 7 minutes and I had perfect pasta with sauce in one bowl.

I’ve made homemade nutella, pizza bases, bread, cakes, bolognaise sauce, juice, jams, spreads, perfect rice, curry and the list is endless. In a couple of hours I can make all the condiments needed for the month. My biggest wish is that I had the Thermomix when I had small children. It would have been perfect for making easy quick first meals for young babies beginning to eat. My teenage children though enjoy the feasts I make now.

If you are serious about eating healthy, then I recommend you look at this amazing machine. And if you’re worried about cleaning, it’s not a problem. It cleans itself. It has never burnt our food either as the temperature is regulated. There is only a lid and bowl to clean, rather then a dozen attachments.

I’ve had the machine since 2006 and what it can do never ceases to amaze me. Every time a friend comes round and watches me cook they end up ordering one. I’ve gotten rid of 90% of my kitchen appliances as it can do what most of them do.

I have to tell you that it is not cheap as you can imagine, but by selling all my old appliances I came up with half the cost of the machine, plus the amount I save in petrol not going to markets 50km away to buy produce or buying expensive organic natural condiments, I have worked out that it pays for itself. It also pays for itself in the time it saves. I can put breakfast on in the morning,(lets say porridge) and because it is timed, temperature regulated and stirs, I can walk away and have a shower and its ready when I get back. The same at dinner, I just walk away from it and do other things instead of being tied to the stove stirring and watching I don’t burn things.

You may think that this is a selling pitch…..what it really is, is me sharing with you the most amazing tool to make healthy eating a breeze. I only recommend products that I believe in and THIS MACHINE IS GREAT/FANTASTIC/INCREDIBLE !

I was talking to the Australian distributors a while ago and I told them that there was one thing missing on the machine and that was a screen with the recipes on it.

If you want to know more information on the Thermomix, please leave a comment on this post with your contact details (it won’t be published as I have to approve all posts) and I will contact you directly.

Seeing is believing!!!


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