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This is the very beginning of my new Blog.  It is intended to be of the most value, but not restricted to my Thermomix clients, it is open to Thermomix users new and old, or those who want to become Thermomix users.

It is my intention to use this Blog to keep clients and potential clients up to date with the latest incentives and promotions of Thermomix.  It will include many, many and many more recipes.  I think I would like to do a theme each month, so for example look at a number of recipes for soups, or deserts, breads, Italian, Asian, traditional etc within the month.  It will provide useful information that will benefit the Thermomix user by expanding their skills and knowledge base about their Thermomix.

Obviously I can’t keep everyone happy all the time, but if you have some suggestions that you would like to see on the blog, please feel free to contact me with suggestions.  It will obviously take me a little time to get it all up and going the way I would like, so please be patient with me as I embark on this Blogging journey.


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