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Becoming Healthier Every Day !!

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Cooking Light – Magazine


Forget the grandiose, impossible New Year’s resolutions: The path to a healthier lifestyle begins one little habit at a time. Welcome to our 12 Healthy Habits program: Each month this year we’ll focus on one healthy practice that you’re probably already doing but want to do a bit more (usually food-related, but we’ve thrown in a couple that focus on exercise). We’ll profile people and explore their challenges and goals, then recommend food or fitness strategies, and provide recipes and nutrition tips. Want to join us? Sign up for our Start Your Week Off Light newsletter and join the conversation on our message boards and on Facebook. You can be part of the conversation, online and in the magazine.

The plan challenges you to add a new habit each month, and by year-end, the accumulated effect will be a much healthier you. Here’s what to expect, month by month:

January: Eat More Fruits and VegetablesAdd 3 more servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet each day. Download January’s Healthy Habits Tracker PDF.

Feb: Get MovingIncrease the amount of aerobic exercise you do. Download February’s Healthy Habits Tracker PDF.

March: Get CookingCook at least 3 meals more per week than you are now, even if that means cooking breakfast or lunch (for freezing, maybe). Download March’s Healthy Habits Tracker PDF.

April: Go For More GrainsAdd 3 servings of whole grains per day. Download April’s Healthy Habits Tracker PDF.

May: Eat Breakfast DailyEat a healthy breakfast every day. Download May’s Healthy Habits Tracker PDF.

June: Get StrongerAdd strength training to your fitness regimen: at least 2 sessions per week.

July: Focus on Healthy FatsSwap unhealthy fats for healthy fats in your diet.

August: Go Vegetarian at Least 1 Day a WeekExpand the number of all-vegetable dishes that you eat by making 1 dinner or main-meal-of-the-day vegetarian.

September: Eat More FishCook fish or seafood for dinner 2 times a week.

October: Ease Up on SaltCut back on salt/sodium and increase your sodium awareness.

November: Be Portion AwareCut your portion size of less-healthy or higher-calorie foods at least once per meal.

December: Eat Mindfully, Be ThankfulLearn two ways—in this busy season and throughout the year—to find joy in food and to share that joy with others.


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Food Switch App


By Bupa Australia Health Pty Ltd

This iPhone app allows you to scan in a product’s bar code and it will provide you with the key health impacting ingredients and then it will list other healthier alternatives for you to chose from.  A great idea when out shopping.  There is also a SaltSwitch feature if you are looking out for your salt intake.  Check it out, it is FREE to download.


Cooking with Tenina

It’s all go at Tenina’s Test Kitchen!
Fresh Rice Noodles – Cooking with a Thermomix – Tenina Holder

Tenina Holder is the best-selling author of For Food’s Sake – Recipes for use with a Thermomix (2012, Hub & Spoke Publishing, Tenina…

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The Trusted Trolley

The Trusted Trolley is a group of  Perth Ladies who have developed an informative website on healthier food choices:  From their web site –

Trusted Trolley Logo

“We are four mums who share the belief that health is vital to a happy life and we are particularly passionate about the health of our children. After realising that certain food additives have adverse health effects, we decided to take action through means of research, promoting awareness and advocating for safer foods. Foods without harmful additives and preservatives. Our aim is to share our knowledge with other parents and like-minded people to enable them to make informed decisions about the food they buy and consume. Join us on the journey towards better health for our family and yours, and realise you can shop the additive-aware way!”

So, for those who missed it, or those who really want to see it again, here is their interview on Today Tonight!



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Potato & Leek Soup

I just made this to take for lunch tomorrow, Yumm !!

This Thermomix Potato and Leek Soup is absolutely delicious! It is a treat you cannot refuse for a dinner when you’re alone or with your closest ones!

Thermomix Recipes: Thermomix Potato and Leek Soup

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Thermomix on TV

Morning Show

Thermomix in Australia

If you missed this morning’s The Morning Show check out the below link to watch Sammy and Bella create some Tasty Tostadas in their Thermomix!

Sammy and Bella dish up a healthy snack from Dani Vallent’s thermomix cookbook, In The Mix.  Check out my books page and contact me if you would like to purchase one !!

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Sundried Tomato & Capsicum Dip

Sundried tomato & capsicum dip


1 red chilli you can reduce to half or deseed Chilli if preferred
30 grams Parmesan cheese, cubed
1 clove Garlic clove
handful of fresh Corriander leaves
120 grams Cashews
1 red Capsicum, quartered,
10 grams fresh Lemon juice
100 grams Semi Sundried Tomato
30 grams EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), or use oil the tomatoes come in


1.  Place garlic, chilli & parmesan cheese in TM bowl for 5 seconds on speed 10.

Add the remaining ingredients & use turbo button 2 – 3 times.

recipe-Sundried Tomato, Chilli, Cashew & Capsicum Dip


Taken from the everyday cookbook & adding my favourite fresh ingedients.

Warning this dip is highly addictive!!!